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The DGSA service includes a written delegation of responsibility to one of Flashpoint’s professionals in his or her capacity as a transport safety consultant (as per legislative decree n.40; February 4, 2000 now legislative decree n. 35/2010). Such professionals hold EC professional training certificates granted by the Ministry of Transport and Shipping – Road Transportation Department.

Our Check Up option allows us to verify that a company’s procedures comply with current standards. Our Check Point option includes providing you with regular updates on current standards and an online phone-in consultation service run by our experts.

The drawing up of a personalized Safety Plan allows businesses to adhere to the recommendations contained in 1.10.3 ADR.

Flashpoint draws material safety data sheet compliant with REACH and GHS/CLP regulations.

Lab tests conducted on substances, preparations, solutions, or waste materials, allow us to classify the risk of transporting such materials.

Our technical/legal assistance service will help you analyze problems pertaining to disputes, accidents during loading and unloading, and traffic accidents involving dangerous goods. We also provide legal and claims adjustment support during trial proceedings.

Flashpoint offers training courses and information on the transport of dangerous goods. These include: single or multiple company courses, consulting certification exam preparation, and specific courses on currently applied national norms.

The innovative idea behind the success of Flashpoint’s courses consists in conveying information in a simple format with a practical approach, while focusing on the most common problems encountered in various sectors.

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