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Il Portale delle Merci Pericolose


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Thank you for visiting this site, offering information on transporting and handling dangerous goods. The site was conceived and developed by a pool of experts from Flashpoint’s technical division. Our company’s goal is to offer companies constant, up-to-date information on current safety standards, along with expert consulting services.

Flashpoint is the product of a group of professional chemists who developed their expertise in the private sector. One of our company's aims is to convey the recommendations established by current technical standards in easily understood, company-friendly terms. Moreover, we especially focus on the practical and financial aspects of adhering to current standards.

Flashpoint's goals are twofold:

  1. To provide, before they are applied nationwide, information on new norms contained in EU directives, future adherence to which might cause planning, operative, or managerial difficulties.
  2. To provide comprehensive services in the field of dangerous goods, including consulting, updating, training, lab testing, and environmental protection services.

Why Choose Flashpoint?

We offer:

  • A daily online phone-in technical assistance service for problems pertaining to dangerous goods labeling and to devising safety information cards for dangerous substances/mixtures, along with problems regarding road, air or sea transport of dangerous goods within Italy and abroad.
  • Professionals with multiple areas of expertise on dangerous substances and mixtures, and the transport of dangerous goods via road (ADR – holding EC certifications as safety consultants), sea (IMDG), and air (our professionals hold specific IATA training certificates). Moreover, they have received TÜV Italia S.r.l. qualification to perform audits in accordance with UNI EN ISO 19011 standard requirements.
  • Professionals who are covered by the only national insurance policy regarding the civil responsibility of those engaged as consultants on the safe transport of dangerous goods.
  • Collaborations with major national and international experts on the transport of dangerous goods; the Associazione Chimici di Porto d'Italia (Port Chemists Association); the Association of Experts on Safety; leading companies in ADR transportation, the production of approved packaging, and the production of dangerous goods software and documentation.
  • An agreement with a major national insurance company for any policy concerning the stocking, handling, and transport of dangerous goods with special discounts for its clients.



        Flashpoint is responsible for the newsletter mercipericolose.it, a free reference point for news regarding dangerous goods and chemicals.


        Flashpoint is a founding member of AES (Associazione Esperti della Sicurezza), an association of experts on safety.


        Our Mission:

        Flashpoint is determined to consolidate its leadership in the dangerous goods transport and management consulting sector, with a focus on global security and sustainable development. Reaching this goal entails engaging in constant, innovative research, understood as a strategic tool for planning and constantly improving the services offered to our clients”.

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