Article 26 Inquiries – the next step in UK REACH

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As the transitional deadlines to be able to defer registration obligations under UK REACH come to an end, we look at the next phase of registration under UK REACH, the Article 26 Inquiry process.

Organisations who want to import substances into Great Britain in quantities over one tonne per annum are required to register the substance under UK REACH. Those who haven’t or will not be able to notify their substances through the transitional measures implemented by the UK Government (the DUIN and grandfathering process) or are going to import/manufacture new substances for the first time, must register under UK REACH immediately by completing an Article 26 Inquiry.

If you would like to stay informed or play an active role in substance groups and dossier preparation, submitting an Article 26 Inquiry is key to gaining visibility of the negotiations and developments relating to a substance.

In this webinar, Laura Clement, UK REACH expert, will be looking at who needs to submit an Article 26 Inquiry dossier and how companies can prepare for this process.

The webinar will include:

  • Why you need to submit an Article 26 Inquiry.
  • Who needs to submit an Article 26 Inquiry?
  • How to submit an Article 26 Inquiry and what’s involved.

The session will be followed by a question and answer session. You can submit your questions during registration below.

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