Free webinar: Tactical response for chemical emergencies

29 September, 11am (CET) – Join our partners NCEC, alongside Cefic and BASF experts, in a journey through the three levels of chemical emergency response and discover the importance of preparation, communication and expert advice along with practical steps you can take along the way.

You will learn:

  • How being prepared for an incident leads to better outcomes
  • Why level 1 telephone advice is vital for level 2&3 on-scene response
  • Practical steps to take on-scene during an incident
  • The importance of a strong and reliable communication chain

This webinar will improve your understanding of how a tactical response to an incident should happen, enabling you to plan, mitigate potential risks and manage better should the worst happen.

The panel members have years of experience dealing with incidents including BASF Vice President and ICE Network Chairman – Gert Van Bortel, Chris Sowden – Head of NCEC’s emergency response team and Ed Sullivan – former Head of the UK Fire Service College’s Hazmat training, now NCEC’s Hazmat training lead.

Can’t attend? Register anyway and they’ll send you a link to the recording.

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